Through a Glass, Darkly

Perhaps sooner than most think, there should come a point when public demand in the United States for corrective action to free us from fossil fuels is sufficiently intense that, if Congress and a  unified NGO community are prepared, then at that point decisive, major legislative action could finally be possible. 

Why climate activists need to celebrate — even if we’re not feeling like it

So, after all this, I am going to organize a little party to teach what we won, honor what’s good that we like and commit to continue on the struggle. I hope you’ll join me with your own form of celebrating, too.

Can Transformative Change Come to America?

Perhaps sooner than most think, major legislative action regulating greenhouse gas emissions will finally be possible. But that moment will not arrive without deep struggle, organizing, and collective persistence.

Joe Manchin’s “Strategic” Paws: Will They Choke Biden’s Climate Plans?

What will Joe Biden be remembered for? It likely depends on the fate of two pieces of legislation that encompass nearly the entirety of his once-in-a-generation agenda, including infrastructure, climate, voter rights, higher taxes for the wealthy, equal justice for people of color and low incomes, healthcare, and greater assistance for low-income families and children.

The Role of Government in Climate Matters: Isn’t It Obvious?

The two greatest existential threats facing the nation—viral pandemics and climate change—demand a science-based response. So, it is hardly surprising that the relationship between science and the federal government is being debated in this year of chaos, crisis, and calamity.