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Structuring our Beloved Communities?

In the early days of the US civil rights movement, Martin Luther King Jr. used the phrase “Beloved Community” to describe the kind of change he was working towards.

The Revenge of the Circulating Fan

Cooling people by increasing local airflow is at least ten times more energy efficient than refrigerating the air in a given space, and it also adds the benefit of a personally controlled thermal environment.

Tiny Textiles’ Big Philosophy

...each Tiny Textiles piece embodies the fibershed, from the soil of the pastured wool, to the seeds of an urban dye garden, and the spirit of the artist herself.

Resilience Roundup - Sept 11

 A roundup of the news, views and ideas from the main stream press and the blogosphere.

Can Carbon Capture Technology Be Part of the Climate Solution?

Some scientists and analysts are touting carbon capture and storage as a necessary tool for avoiding catastrophic climate change. But critics of the technology regard it as simply another way of perpetuating a reliance on fossil fuels.

Peak oil notes - Sept 11

A mid-week update. So far this week, oil prices in New York and London continued the collapse that has been going on since mid-June.

A New Economy is Emerging

Sandy tells of localism, emergence, a new type of financial system, and more...

Migrant Farmworkers Find Paths Out of Poverty Through Incubator Farms

ALBA is one of a growing number of “incubator farms” across the United States dedicated to training the next generation of farmers.

Demands for the People's Climate March and Beyond: Introducing the Pledge To Mobilize

The lack of demands at the People's Climate March is a golden opportunity. We, the marchers, will determine the demands.

The "Upstream" Story that Hasn't Been Told

We changed our name to emphasize that critical environmental solutions to reducing environmental impacts of products – manufactured goods and food – lie “upstream” of consumers, before purchase.

Technological Superstitions

Mutatis mutandis, that’s what happened to most of the other grand visions of transformative technological progress that were proclaimed so enthusiastically over the last century or so.

Mass. Judge Proclaims Climate Urgency in Ruling that Frees Lobster Boat Blockade Activists

A pair of climate activists prepared to invoke climate change as their defense were spared the effort Monday when the prosecuting district attorney did it for them.

Power Hungry

India's new Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known as a 'big thinker' when it comes to energy. But in his country's case, could thinking big be a huge mistake?

Public Art Foundation Turns 1

These action-oriented folks bring “artists, funders, and dreamers” together to turn eastside Indianapolis neighborhoods (such as mine!) into public art havens.

Five steps for a high well-being society

It’s now eight years since David Cameron first declared that “it's time we focused not just on GDP, but on GWB - general well-being” and in that time the UK has become a global leader by measuring national well-being – but we have yet to make the leap from measurement to …

The Power of Asset-based Approaches

From the moment you were born, you have been accumulating an incredible array of assets.

McKibben to Obama: Fracking May Be Worse Than Burning Coal

If you’re a politician, science is a bitch; it resists spin.

US Seed Libraries Mobilize to Protect Their Right to Share

The goal now is to direct that energy toward protecting seed libraries, which are a cornerstone in efforts to foster the genetic diversity of food and strengthen food security.

Leveraging the Power of Anchor Institutions

We're really starting to see a shift in consciousness and best practices among major non-profits like hospitals and universities.

Voices and Reflections of the Community Resilience and New Economy Movement

This week PCI launches a new report, Weaving the Community Resilience and New Economy Movement, based on a series of interviews and conversations with visionary leaders who are bringing to life a new economic vision with thriving, resilient communities at its heart.

Beyond the CSA: Four Ways Communities Support Everything From Books to Beer

In recent years, people have applied the CSA idea to other types of goods and services such as dining out, microbrews, and even fish. It’s a system that works for both producers and consumers.