Hayden Dahmm

Hayden Dahmm has studied engineering and environmental policy, and he has worked in the sustainability sector for both non-profit and consulting organizations. Hayden and his twin brother are also both blind, and this experience has shaped their lives in unique ways. While Hayden is not defined by his blindness, it does impact how he interacts with the world around him. Among other adaptations, he uses a screen reading program to navigate his computer, and his Seeing Eye Dogs have helped him navigate the city. In his free time, Hayden appreciates reading and reflecting on our wider social and environmental issues.

Wheelchair on street

My Brother Has Wheels

We are taught to judge one another based on what we contribute economically, but Ethan defies these expectations. I wonder if I manage to communicate to strangers how, in spite of his “profound disability”, Ethan is still a profoundly dynamic and important individual.

September 8, 2023

Black birch tree

A Blind Look at the Environment, Inside and Out

If we are to navigate unfolding environmental crises, we will need to draw on all our available knowledge and widen our relationships to find our way.

June 26, 2023


A Blind Look at Collective Blindness

I think that managing our societal blindness will require us to accept the limitations of perspectives we once relied on, and to not be misled by simplistic hopes.

May 30, 2023