Liam Kavanaugh

Liam Kavanagh is a Cognitive & Social Scientist devoted to using his understanding of human motivation, ideology, and economics to aid more effective responses to the climate crisis. He has worked on three continents over 20 years doing applied social research, co-founded Life Itself, a community for responding to the poly-crisis, and written a book on how Western ideology contributes to climate change inaction.

Young sprout makes the way through asphalt on city road (2009)

This hopeless COP is the most hopeful in years

Now it’s so obvious that the system is failing, progress is finally possible.

November 30, 2023

football fans

Why repeating “1.5 C is alive” feels like kicking an own-goal

A new and more real hope will come after climate-informed citizens as whole acknowledge that almost nobody really likes our odds of making 1.5, frankly admit the painful consequences of this failure, and ask the population to explore new bold political possibilities.

December 5, 2022