No Future Under Plutocracy

If no large segment of the plutocratic class is likely to support serious climate action, then we must be prepared to break through its confines by building a much more democratic society. Only then will we be able to transition towards a sustainable society as quickly as we possibly can, and perhaps even get there.

Excerpts from the Webs of Varok (New sci-fi book about a steady-state economy)

Author Cary Neeper has written a science fiction novel which explores the idea of how a steady-state economy might work in practice. She has compiled a few excerpts from the book  into a post for  which highlight some of the issues that are involved in maintaining such a society. The second novel in the Archives of Varok series, this young-adult/adult science fiction title travels with Tandra’s family as they leave a stressed twenty-first century Earth for the ancient sustainable culture of Varok, a veiled moon of Jupiter. But a genius with a hidden talent has set her eye on Varok’s wealth—and Tandra’s soul mate. Tandra, Conn and Orram must find new solutions to secure a stable future for their home and family.