Food & agriculture – July 16

• Congressional posturing: House Republicans (No Democrats) pass farm bill without food stamps •Can an urban food growing project cure a ‘sick city’? •Hipster hen dump: The issue of urban chicken abandonment •Small-scale producers key to attaining food security and ending hunger

HOMEGROWN Life: The Farmer and the Fisherman

Sometimes I wonder how things would be different if I had decided to start a farm in another part of Maine, away from the coast. But then I wake up after another night of waiting for goat babes to arrive and am graced with the remnants of wintertime. I take my coffee to sip outside on a cold granite bench engraved with a memory, and there I’m calmed by the seas and the sun, which definitely has risen by now. The surf is pounding, crashing over the rocks, and I can feel the sea spray floating through the air. It’s all so soothing and beautiful.