Oil Industry Plans to Keep Workers Safe—by Firing Them and Having Robots Do Their Jobs

The oil and gas industry is finally acknowledging how dangerous employment can be for its workers after years of touting the sector as a beacon of worker safety. This sudden honesty about the dangers of working in the oil patch coincides with the industry’s new solution to greatly improve the safety of those workers — which is to fire them and replace them with robots.

Nuclear decline in Europe?

The European nuclear industry, led by France, seems to be in terminal decline as a result of the cancellation of a new Finnish reactor, technical faults in stations already under construction, and severe financial problems.

Quebec oil train explosion – headlines

•40 still missing in deadly Canada oil train crash •Quebec Disaster Spurs Rail-Versus-Pipelines Debate on Oil •Canadian train explosion rekindles oil pipeline versus train debate •Oil shipments by rail have increased 28,000 per cent since 2009 •Deadly Quebec Oil Train Disaster and Athabasca River Spill On Same Day as Tar Sands Healing Walk