Putting Solar Panels in Pipeline’s Path, Campaign to Combine Power of Sun ‘With Power of the People’

An Indigenous-led coalition is fundraising to install solar panels along the route of the Keystone XL pipeline to protest the project and provide renewable energy to family farms and Native communities in Nebraska and South Dakota.

Financing Renewable Energy Projects

Financing of renewable energy (RE) projects is hampered by two systemic economic effects – market ‘externalities’ that make RE projects appear less attractive (versus fossil fuel development) than they should; and the effect of embedded interest in the cost of capital. For a particular RE project, evaluating financing options can be intimidating. There would appear to be mileage in sharing understanding of the challenges across projects and jointly developing progressive approaches, This article has been prompted by the incipient involvement of the Feasta Currency Group in the financial engineering of a specific wind energy project in Ireland, of which more in due course.