Citizen-led Economic Transition — a Four Point Framework for Guiding Action

If we’re to radically reduce the size of our carbon and ecological footprint, (something like 80% over the next couple of decades, according to experts,) while adapting to the massive challenges ahead, most of the solutions will be found at local and regional scales. This means people working together systemically to make it happen.

Popping Bubbles

REconomy practitioners is a virtual community of practice (CoP) of and for regenerative entrepreneurs. We do our work locally and we co-create and self-organise as REconomy practitioners to benefit from peer-to-peer support, social learning and coordinated action at translocal, transnational and global scale.

Collaboration and Changing Beliefs are Two Keys for a Degrowth Economy

Today when we think about a degrowth economy, about fostering the transition towards it and supporting more resilient lifestyles, I imagine – departing from systems theory – that we need something deeper; some kind of economic acupuncture that can trigger specific points that reverberate throughout the whole economic system.