Learning to Blossom: Duckworth Farm

Dotted with ponds and brimming with wildlife, Duckworth Farm is 82 acres of secluded paradise. The entire property is open, save for a fence in the back protecting a relic Black Oak forest. “Just being here is a look back in time—at how this county would have looked 150 years ago,” explains Lorri.

Grazing At the Cutting Edge

Building off one another’s enthusiasm, the Irwins describe their model of ranching that pulls from agrarian traditions of the past and present to create diverse, resilient agricultural systems that are the engines for ecosystem restoration for our future.

Harvesting Liberty: A Short Film

Harvesting Liberty is a film that captures a story of a vision made manifest, a creation process that somehow made it through the veritable tsunami-like conditions created from the aftermath of the changing of antiquated laws, and the tour de force of promises brought forth by many-a-businessmen that followed this political change.