Twenty (Important ) Concepts I Wasn’t Taught in Business School – Part I

Around 30% of matriculating undergraduate college students today choose a business major, yet ‘doing business’ without knowledge of biology, ecology, and physics entirely misses first principles ~ my too long but also too short summary of the important things I wasn’t taught in business school is below.

Josh Farley: The Foundation for a New Economy

Josh Farley, a professor of Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont was the keynote speaker Friday night in Madison, WI for the dedication of the Farley Center for Peace, Justice, and Sustainability. I caught up with Josh after the talk and asked him to elaborate on the "New Economy", if the human race has time to transition from current over consumption to a modest, sustainable existence.

Slumlord Nation

As any businessman can tell you, if your operation can’t afford routine maintenance of its productive assets, your operation is in deep trouble. What you’ve got then isn’t a business plan but a plan to be a parasite.