Waltzing in the dark. Will Russia shut off gas supplies to Europe?

Waltzing with the Russian bear has never been a feat Europe was able to handle. With the fall of the Yanukovych regime already accomplished, the EU is now on a collision course with Moscow, which has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Ukraine in an effort to strong-arm the new administration in Kiev. My piece argues that Brussels is unprepared for such an outcome and that a three-pronged strategy, accomplishable in the medium term, is needed in order to achieve the long vaunted goal of energy independence from Moscow’s whims.

Shock over Ukraine

Ukraine is shaping up to be a lot like Yugoslavia, except with more than twice as many people, lots of crazed street fighters who think they now own the place, and a role critical to European energy security. If you aren’t in shock about this, then you haven’t been paying attention.