Money –Some points for revolutionaries to think about

The monetary system we have is a fundamental cause of our problems, and setting up new systems is crucial in the development of alternative economies. However some popular initiatives are sadly mistaken and can have few if any beneficial effects. The goal must be to set up a system that enables previously idle people and resources to begin producing necessities for the locality. This is easily done.

Local currency, tick. But what about our national currency?

Local currencies for local economies. Since the launch of the Bristol Pound there can be no doubt that it’s been a tremendous success in raising awareness of shopping local, supporting independent retailers and strengthening connections between local businesses and people in Bristol. But what about the national economy? In any realistic vision of the future there will always be a practical need for a national currency. What that currency might look like is a question monetary reform campaign group Positive Money have been thinking about since they launched their campaign in 2010.