On Finding Our Authentic Selves: or, the True and the False in the Age of Rousseau

If I have a overriding theme, it is this: unless as a society or civilization we can conceive of a good that celebrates a low-energy and low-consumption way of life, one that offers intrinsic reasons for living simply and within the Earth’s ecological limits, we are likely either to consume our selves into oblivion, or should expect external or extrinsic limits of the sort imposed by heavy-handed governments.

Why Liberals Should Be “Conservative”: Climate Change, Excellence, and the Practice of Happiness

By “conservative” I am not referring to anything resembling Republicans or European “center-right” parties, or positions yet further to the right on the liberal-conservative continuum as it is commonly understood today. 

Ecology is turning me into a conservative

For a real conservative, then whatever’s old gets the benefit of the doubt. Whatever’s new is guilty until proven innocent. For my part, I think that many of the innovations of the fossil-fuel era may ultimately bring more danger than benefit, whether it’s personal cars, coal-fired electricity or the whole chemical industry. This view is making me pretty conservative.