Peter A. Victor

Peter A. Victor is Professor Emeritus at York University. He was awarded a PhD in economics from the University of British Columbia in 1971 and has worked for 50 years in Canada and abroad as an academic, consultant, and public servant specializing in ecological economics and alternatives to economic growth. Peter sits on the Honorary Board of the David Suzuki Foundation and the Circle of Ecological Economics Elders, is chair of the Science Advisory Committee of the Footprint Data Foundation, and is an elected member of the Royal Society of Canada. He was the recipient of the Molson Prize in the Social Sciences from the Canada Council for the Arts in 2011 and the Boulding Memorial Prize from the International Society for Ecological Economics in 2014. He is the author of six previous books, including Managing without Growth. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Affluent house

Escape from Overshoot: Excerpt

The immediate cause of overshoot is the combination of the massive increase in the number of people and what we produce made possible by the rapid and grossly uneven experience of economic growth of the past two hundred years.

April 13, 2023

Los Angeles from the air

Escape from Overshoot: Excerpt

Overshoot will transform economic and political systems. It is better to choose the transformations we want rather than have them forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control.

April 4, 2023

Managing without growth

Managing without Growth. Slower by Design, not Disaster

The opening chapters of this updated, revised, and expanded second edition Managing without Growth tell how the recent idea of economic growth emerged from the idea of progress, itself only a few hundred years old.

February 20, 2019