John McLeod

John McLeod is a retired educator, climate activist and occasional puppeteer who lives along the Tecolote River on Story Ranch, a farm / wilderness center for retreats, workshops and community gatherings. Contact him at


Grief and Gratitude in a New Mexico Fire

By carrying both grief and gratitude, we seem to be transforming at a rate matching the surrounding land.

October 13, 2022

MacLeod home

The Great Transition

As we continue to poke and demand a systematic shift to environmental justice and ecological restoration, let us be vigilant in recognizing the emerging local projects and new institutions that stir our gratitude and provide a part of the roadmap to a new world.

May 10, 2022

Shaker community

The Search For A New Community

The beauty of the solutions to systems fragility may lie in redefining and reimagining a New Community where our neighborhood can weave together sustainable elements that secure food, energy, water and shelter.

April 29, 2020

Climate justice jobs

COVID-19 and a New New Deal

So…. imagine trillions of dollars to craft and curate a sustainable future that overhauls our economic system into a vibrant and energetic web, providing a hopeful and healthy vision of tomorrow.

Who gets to imagine our future? Let’s make sure this vision is led by our powerful and vital actions and imaginations.

March 25, 2020

Viva Cheran!

Protecting our Guardians in Oaxaca

This specific Calenda was dedicated to the protection of the guardians of native corn, to defenders of ecological diversity, and to those protecting indigenous lands. The Calenda, a Native Corn Colloquium, and an indigenous corn performance by the All Species Project and the Mermejita Circus of Mazunte, Oaxaca, was a collaborative effort of seed and climate activists in February of 2020.

March 13, 2020