Corentin de Chatelperron

Co-founder and now honorary president of the association Low-tech Lab, Corentin de Chatelperron grew up in Muzillac and then studied engineering at the Institut Catholique d’Arts et Métiers (ICAM) in Nantes, where he worked for three years on ecotourism and wind power projects. This 38-year-old engineer, born on May 14, 1983, left his native Brittany in 2009 to travel the world’s oceans. Curious and enthusiastic, he became aware of these local, artisanal and environmentally friendly technologies during a shipyard in Bangladesh. Corentin then wondered about fiberglass composites, which are polluting to produce, imported and expensive, which led him to build a small sailboat made of jute fiber, a natural local resource, with which he will reach France : Tara Tari.