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ODAC Newsletter - Aug 26

Welcome to the ODAC Newsletter, a weekly roundup from the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre, the UK registered charity dedicated to raising awareness of peak oil.

The war in Libya entered the endgame this week: fighting continues, and fierce pockets of resistance remain, but oil companies are already queuing up to get back into action. Estimates vary on how quickly, and indeed whether Libya can return to its 2010 production capacity. Damage to wells and infrastructure will have to be assessed, and perhaps more importantly, the political succession after Gadaffi is far from clear. There is also the chance that successful regime change in Libya could lead to further turmoil in the Middle East in months to come now that the old regimes look vulnerable.

In America, opponents of the Keystone XL pipeline extension to bring oil from the Canadian tar sands began a 2 week illegal sit-down protest in front of the White House, which has so far resulted in around 300 arrests. The campaign against the pipeline has gathered more than 35,000 signatures and pulls together an interesting alliance of climate change campaigners, indigenous peoples affected by the tar sands development, and US ranchers concerned about oil spills and pollution on their land. The argument for the pipeline goes that the oil will be produced anyway, but go to China or other markets instead of the US. President Obama will return from vacation to a thorny choice.

While the US and the developed economies struggle under their burden of debt, the BRICS economies continue to grow, and increase their energy demand. A new report Low Carbon and Economic Growth: Are both compatible in developing economies? by the Institute for Integrated Economic Research sets out the challenges posed to the BRICS economies by fossil fuel shortages. Brazil has seen a significant increase in its oil imports this year, this despite its huge ethanol industry, and the latest statistics for China are also alarming: the Chinese bought half the record 35 million new cars and lorries sold worldwide in 2010, and it turns out their dream ride is more Hummer than Prius.


Libya Faces Hurdles in Reviving Its Oil Sector

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Brazil boom takes world fuel markets by surprise

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Rails, Not Pipes, May Tame Twisted Oil Market

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Keystone XL: a line in the sand for Obama

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Crude Falls, Narrowing Weekly Gain, on Doubts About U.S. Stimulus Measures

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Polish Shale Sector Needs Hands

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China has been forced to dig deep to meet its energy needs

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China gas-to-chemical firms shackled by supply, costs -paper

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Utility companies write down £600m of coal assets

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Japan Quake Is Causing Costly Shift to Fossil Fuels

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What the east coast earthquake means for US nuclear plants

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Nuclear Plant Loses Electricity in Temblor

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Japan renewable energy push clears key hurdle

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World's largest solar farm switches from thermal to PV

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Mining and Minerals

China Vows To Appeal Raw Materials WTO Case

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Windfarms prevent detection of secret nuclear weapon tests, says MoD

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Farmers line up to turn muck into energy

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Energy pricing probe stepped up

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Anti-Government Truckers Besiege Australian Parliament

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Australia passes CO2 offset laws, carbon pricing next

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China's love affair with the car shuns green vehicles

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German rail to run on sun, wind to keep clients happy

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Fuel-efficiency drive promises hefty returns for lightweight materials

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Have Solar Panels, Will Travel

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