Dave Rollo

Dave Rollo is a Policy Specialist at CASSE.

Northern Green Mountains

Growth Battles in Chittenden County

The verdant beauty of the Green Mountain State is striking, but preserving its beauty is a struggle as the state’s fields and forests attract green of a different kind. The state’s revered rural landscapes represent potentially lucrative investments for developers.

February 13, 2024


Approaching the Energy Cliff

The longer we wait to act, the higher the cliff, the more painful the landing, and the more difficult the transition to a steady state economy.

February 7, 2024

Famers' Market

What Makes a County Great?

Measures of quality of life based on equity, human fulfillment, and community resilience should replace inadequate progress measures based on aggregate growth in conversion of our natural world to built capital, and corresponding increases in resources and energy.”

October 31, 2023

City of Bloomington, Indiana, adopts Peak Oil Resolution

On July 19, the Bloomington, Indiana City Council passed a resolution acknowledging
That the global peak of petroleum production is “an unprecedented challenge” for society, and recognizes that the city must prepare for its inevitability.

July 21, 2006

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