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How the greatest technology ever developed backfired on us

Language is the real break of humans with everything else that walks, crawls, or flies on the earth...But, as for all technologies, it has unexpected consequences.

The Climate Emergency: Time to Switch to Panic Mode?

The latest temperature data have broken all records...

Living in Interesting Times: Have CO2 Emissions Peaked?

The projections that had been circulating during the past few months turned out to be correct. Now, it is official: the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions peaked in 2014 and went down in 2015. And this could be a momentous change.

The Empire of Lies

In those times, just as in ours, a dying empire could be kept together for a while by lies, but not forever.

The Key to Human History: Ultrasociality?

The concept of "ultrasociality" is becoming increasing popular as a tool to understand the characteristics and the evolution of human society.

The Fall of the Mediterranean society during the Bronze age: Why we still don't Understand Civilization Collapse

Imagine a team of archaeologists living three thousand years in the future.

The "Syrian Sickness": What Crude Oil Gives, Crude Oil will Take Away

Crude oil had created modern Syria, crude oil has destroyed it.

What were the Real Origins of the Great Oil Crisis of the 1970s? Politics or depletion?

The interest in the great oil crisis of the 1970s-1980s is not just a game for academic historians; it is something that has deeply affected the world's history and it is still affecting our perception of the factors affecting the supply of crude oil that, today, we need as much, and even more than we needed it at that time.

Tertullian was a Conspiracy Theorist: Propaganda and Irrationalism in Roman Times and in Ours

The Romans knew well the dark art that we call "propaganda" today.

Stewards of the Earth: a Role for Humankind

Pure reason doesn't tell us that we should do something to keep alive the other species sharing the earth with us.