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Would Robin Hood Help us Fight Climate Change?

Today, a lot of the world's monetary wealth is in the hands of a tiny group of super-rich people; the virtual equivalent of Scrooge McDuck's money bin.

The Real EROI of Photovoltaic Systems: Professor Hall Weighs in

The EROI of our various energy options, and its associated issues, may be the most important issues that will face future civilizations.

But What's the REAL Energy Return of Photovoltaic Energy?

According to a recent, comprehensive study of the scientific literature (1), the average energy return on energy invested (EROEI) of the most common photovoltaic technology (polycrystalline Si) is 11-12. A far cry from the legend of the "EROI smaller than one" that's making the rounds in the Web.

How Much for the Sustainable Energy Transition? A "Back of the Envelope" Calculation

"Back of the Envelope" calculations are a tradition in science and often turn out to be able to provide plenty of useful information, at the same time avoiding the common pitfall of complex models, that of being able to fit anything provided that one has enough adjustable parameters.

How the greatest technology ever developed backfired on us

Language is the real break of humans with everything else that walks, crawls, or flies on the earth...But, as for all technologies, it has unexpected consequences.

The Climate Emergency: Time to Switch to Panic Mode?

The latest temperature data have broken all records...

Living in Interesting Times: Have CO2 Emissions Peaked?

The projections that had been circulating during the past few months turned out to be correct. Now, it is official: the global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions peaked in 2014 and went down in 2015. And this could be a momentous change.

The Empire of Lies

In those times, just as in ours, a dying empire could be kept together for a while by lies, but not forever.

The Key to Human History: Ultrasociality?

The concept of "ultrasociality" is becoming increasing popular as a tool to understand the characteristics and the evolution of human society.

The Fall of the Mediterranean society during the Bronze age: Why we still don't Understand Civilization Collapse

Imagine a team of archaeologists living three thousand years in the future.