Shrewsbury opens its green doors

The UK Government is committed to cutting 80% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – since 50% of our energy is used by our buildings, and 25% by our homes, the target is for every home to be ‘carbon neutral’ by 2050. In Shrewsbury this equates to 2,000 homes being refurbished each year for the next 37 years, saving 60,000 tonnes of CO2e each year in the process.

Can the Utility Industry Survive the Energy Transition?

A new policy paper from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI), an association of shareholder-owned U.S. electric companies, details the “disruptive challenges” the sector faces. These private, for-profit companies, also known as investor-owned utilities or IOUs, serve about 70 percent of the U.S. population. They are usually subject to different regulations than publicly owned utilities or co-ops, and must turn enough profit to retain their investors in a difficult, constrained, low-margin business.

What’s cheaper than solar, slashes carbon emissions, and creates jobs in Kentucky?

Jamie Blair had owned his own business for about seven years when he started to think it was missing a crucial piece. He was installing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in and around Paintsville, Ky., but heated air isn’t much good if it leaks out through poorly sealed doors or underinsulated attics. That was right around the time he discovered How$martKY, a collaborative program designed to encourage better energy efficiency in Kentucky homes.