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Integrating Landscapes and People

February 9, 2023

How Commonland, the Presencing Institute, and Partners are Supporting Restoration of Ecosystems and Communities

The contrast between regenerative olive and almond production (left) and a conventional olive farm (right), Spain. Credits: Tom Lovett.

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Señor Gomez inspecting the ground cover in his regenerative almond grove in Ferreria. Credits: Tom Lovett.

A Case Study: ‘AlVelAl’ in Southern Spain

Focusing on engaging all generations, ensuring everyone is inspired to contribute to a
regenerative landscape for many generations to come. Credits: AlVelAl

In Spain, landscape team AlVelAl is implementing the 4 Returns framework. During a workshop in 2016, the different zones in the landscape were mapped and interventions to restore the landscape were identified.

“Puertas abiertas” — farmers visiting other regenerative farms. Credits: Gabriela Hengveld.

Antonio Maurandi Cortijo Nuevo. Credits: Gabriela Hengeveld.

A biodiversity workshop at Finca Cortijico Nuevo. Credits: Tom Lovett.

Credits: AlVelAl.

Thank you to Elvira Irigaray & Dieter van den Broek for the compelling interviews and sharing your stories!

Randi Kaeufer

Randi has a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies from Leiden University where she specialised in Public Policies. For her thesis, she completed a three-month research project on the impact of salsa dancing on perceptions about gender, the body, and sexuality of women in Puebla, Mexico. She additionally holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology from Utrecht University with a minor in Brazilian Studies.
Randi started her career at the Presencing Institute where she worked as a consulting facilitator. In this position, she was responsible for community management and the coordination of translations. She was also part of the editorial team in which she conducted interviews and co-edited articles. Randi is a enthusiastic, proactive, and dedicated young professional that is energized by Aqua for All’s innovative work. It is her goal and passion to have a positive impact on the world and she believes that contributing to sustainable business development is the way to drive effective change in the long term.

Tags: Building resilient food and farming systems, landscape restoration, regenerative agriculture