Act: Inspiration

The Seed Savers of Sahyadri School

August 10, 2022

This film is a documentary on the conservation of indigenous seeds by Sahyadri School, KFI, Khed, Pune, in the western state of Maharashtra in India.

Suma Josson

Suma Josson is a film maker and writer. Her films are on a wide range of subjects like the agrarian, social and environmental issues. She has made two feature films, ‘Janmadinam'( The Day of Birth), 1997 and ‘Saree’, 2001. Born in Kerala, she graduated in English Literature from the College of St.Teresa, Minnesota, U.S.A. Having begun her career as a journalist, she switched over to the visual medium. Of late, her films have focused more on agriculture in India and the problems faced by small scale farmers. She is also a poet and fiction writer and has published four books: ‘Poems and Plays’, ‘A Harvest of Light’, ‘Circumferences’ and ‘Mahua Tola Gets a School’.

Tags: indigenous knowledge, rebuilding a resilient food and farming system, seed saving