Covid’s Metamorphoses: What this pandemic has taught us

May 9, 2020

A few weeks ago, I posted a video about the silver linings to this crisis and quarantine. Now that countries are either opening up or announcing plans to do so, I wanted to make another video looking back on what we’ve learned from this.

Photo: Boleslaus I monument in Wrocław masked during coronavirus pandemic April 2020. Photo by Fallaner. Via Wikimedia Commons 

Brian Kaller

Former newspaper editor Brian Kaller wrote his first magazine cover story on peak oil in 2004, and since then has written for the American Conservative, the Dallas Morning News, Front Porch Republic, Big Questions Online and Low-Tech Magazine. In 2005 he and his family moved to rural Ireland, where he speaks to schools and churches, and writes a weekly column for the local newspaper.  

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