Lifelong friend, mentor, role model and champion of the planet Jan Lundberg passed away at peace during the night in his home and refuge in Greece where he had been laboring to revive sail transport in the Mediterranean Sea. Gate gate paragate parasaṃgate bodhi svaha!

– Albert Bates
P.S. I plan to develop a personal obit for him for my Sunday blog. Jan was indeed a cultural pioneer for the next century

Resiilence co-editor Bart Anderson writes:

“Depaver” Jan Lundberg was an early supporter and contributor to Resilience (then called Energy Bulletin). He helped us understand the widespread effects of our addiction to fossil fuels, and he did it in creative and kind ways. He encouraged others to speak out, for example, on his website Culture Change ( ).
Articles, interviews and excerpts from Jan Lundberg on Resilience are listed here:
His bio at Resilience:

Jan C. Lundberg, a national speaker, writer and publisher, is best known for running what was widely considered “the bible of the oil industry,” Lundberg Survey Inc. In 1979 the firm predicted the Second Oil Shock. After 14 years there, he left for-profit work to found the nonprofit Sustainable Energy Institute, now Culture Change. For almost twenty years he has studied peak oil, energy alternatives, and conservation based primarily on grassroots change in lifestyle. He has assisted clients interested in the impacts of peak oil and climate change on material security and community connection. Educated in Europe and on the high seas, he has pursued an adventure called a career that is still evolving.