The role of Livestock: From Theory to Practice

February 3, 2017

Following on from a public meeting held in Bristol to discuss the role of livestock in future farming systems, the Sustainable Food Trust held a conference on the 24th and 25th November to take the conversation from theory to practice. Generously hosted by Sir Alan and Lady Parker at Fir Farm in Gloucestershire, this two day event again featured pioneering livestock producer, Joel Salatin and was attended by an enthralled gathering of 120 farmers who had all made a pilgrimage to hear Joel’s story.

This film of the first session explores the practical application of ‘mob’ or ‘holistic’ grazing techniques. An introductory talk by Joel is then followed by presentations from Andrew Brewster, of Brewster Cattle Co, and Robert Craig, dairy farmer at Dolphenby Farm, Cumbria. You can read more about Robert’s farm and grazing practices here. Participants also shared their thoughts and take-home actions following the event, which you can read here.


Teaser photo credit: Brian Johnson and Dane Kanter, Wikimedia Commons.

Tags: building resilient food systems, managed grazing systems, mob grazing