If you’re a previous visitor of resilience.org you’ll notice that things look… well, a little different.

Longtime visitors will remember that the site was re-branded and re-launched back in 2011 (from EnergyBulletin.net) to more accurately reflect the breadth and depth of the site, which had evolved from its first days as clearinghouse of news and information about energy production.

This latest change was made (thanks to the generous support of many of our dedicated readers) to address some of the technological limitations we encountered, to make the site more mobile friendly and have a cleaner design, and to further broaden the scope of the site to more proactively support community resilience-building efforts.

Here are the major differences:

  • mobile friendly/responsive to different devices
  • clean, uncluttered layout
  • improved search functionality
  • re-ordering of content into three primary types: news & views; educational content; and more practical resources

Don’t worry, the full archive of over 27,000 articles and 1,000 resources is still here and easier to search than before.

The redesign and migration of the site to a new platform was just the first step in our ambitious plans for resilience.org. Over the coming weeks and months we aim to expand our content partnerships, range of articles, and offer more resources and inspiration for taking meaningful and substantive action. So please stay tuned. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your feedback and any bugs or other issues you’ve encountered with the new site.

Thanks for being part of the resilience.org community!

UPDATE: DECEMBER 20, 2016 17:00 PST

We are working right now to make sure that all the Disqus comments made on the old version of the site are successfully migrated to the corresponding articles on the new site. The comments have not been lost but there’s still some troubleshooting to do.