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April 14, 2015

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Our 20th century food system has created a global market for cheaply priced commodities of corn, wheat, soybeans and rice. We pump a plethora of food from the earth, in the same way we pump barrels of oil. A vision of never-ending technological progress frames the creation of genetically modified organisms in an attempt to keep agribusiness as usual moving forward. But do GMOs work as claimed? Will they be a crucial part of a sustainable food future?
Extraenvironmentalist #85 focuses on the topic of GMOs in the second of our three part series from the 2014 Slow Money Gathering. We first hear from a town hall meeting on food with Patrick Holden, Richard McCarthy, Judy Wicks and Preston Correll. Then Severine von Tscharner Fleming presents a youth perspective on farming and food. Then, a panel on GMOs covers the latest research into industry claims. In the second half of our show, we hear an exclusive radio edit of Vandana Shiva’s keynote on the psychology of war embedded in our industrial food 

This is part 3 of a series on this conference. List to Part 1, Part 3.

Justin Ritchie

Justin is in Vancouver, BC where he reads books, researches energy, carbon and financial systems at the University of British Columbia Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability while occasionally walking in the forest.

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