Economics and the Commons: Reform vs Revolution

May 31, 2013

A video recording from the conference "Economics and the Common(s): From Seed Form to Core Paradigm" May 22 — 24, 2013. 

Joshua Farley (USA) in Dialogue with Ugo Mattei (Italy) discuss “Natural Resource Governance: Between Revolution and Reform”.

Joshua Farley

Professor of Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont. His broad research interests focus on the design of economic institutions capable of balancing what is biophysically possible with what is socially, psychologically and ethically desirable. His work suggests that common ownership is required to solve many of the most serious ecological and economic predicaments we currently face. He is co-author with Herman Daly of Ecological Economics, Principles and Applications, 2nd ed. Island Press (2010), and numerous journal articles and book chapters related to the commons.

Tags: ecological economics, Economic policy, Legal, privatization, the commons