KMO welcomes repeat guests Richard Heinberg and Dmitry Orlov back to the C-Realm Podcast to compare notes on the state of economic transition in which we find ourselves. In his new book, The End of Growth: Adapting to Our New Economic Reality, Richard makes the case that we have reached a crucial inflection point in economic history after which human progress and well-being must be de-coupled from economic growth. Dmitry describes a near-term future in which the United States has been dismantled by its creditors, whom he describes as trans-national mafias. While there is no escape from what Richard calls the Black Hole of Debt, Dmitry insists that it’s not too late to make adaptive lifestyle changes if we can avoid the temptation to tune out real experience in favor of the sorts of branded experience that we can access through our whiz-bang handheld devices. Music by Critter Jones.

Note: The actual interview starts about 7 minutes in. -KS