Winne van Woerden

Winne van Woerden works as project lead Degrowth and Care economy at Commons Network, an Amsterdam-based think-tank for the social and ecological transition. She is particularly interested in post-growth ecological economics, and planetary health and decolonizing development thinking. She holds an MSc in Global Health and is currently enrolled in the online masters on Degrowth: Policy, Economy and Ecology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Green growth

Green growth

Putting negative-emission technologies and the green growth belief at the basis of the global climate mitigation agenda is an unjust and high-stakes gamble and is not an ecologically coherent approach to the crisis we face.

November 1, 2022

Alvaro Cabral

Degrowth, Decolonization and Modern Monetary Theory

Besides strengthening the call for degrowth in the global North, MMT can serve as a powerful tool to achieve full decolonization of the global South.

October 7, 2022

system change

Why the climate justice movement should put decoloniality at its core

A true climate justice agenda will need to be about demolishing the imperial arrangements enshrined in the global economy that are today leading to an ecological abyss.

July 29, 2022

Gross Destruction of Planet

Wanted for planetary health: a degrowth transformation rooted in caring commoning practices

In caring commons, autonomy and self-reliance are approached collectively. Human health is understood holistically, with a focus on promoting community solidarity in caring endeavors.

January 27, 2022