Nina Moeller

Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Manchester

Oxford Real Farming Conference

Reflecting on ORFC 2021: Blinking into the Light – Galvanising Food Movements in Troubling Times

And so, as we emerge blinking into the light, from behind our lockdown screens, it is with an invigorated vision of the world we’re collectively striving to build. We have much to do, but grounds to be positive.

January 27, 2021

We Know how Food Production Needs to Change if Crisis is to be Avoided – so Why isn’t this Happening?

Agroecology is based on the idea that farms should mimic the structure and functioning of natural ecosystems. In ecosystems, there is no “waste”: nutrients are recycled indefinitely. Agroecology aims to close nutrient loops – returning all nutrients that come out of the soil, back to the soil.

March 28, 2018