Natalia Mamonova

Principal organiser for the Emancipatory Rural Politics Initiative Europe coordinating team

Gardening in Ukraine

Food Security, Food Sovereignty, and Collective Action During the War in Ukraine

Small farmers, rural activists and scientists came together to discuss and develop their own proposition for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, where they suggested concrete measures to help create a fair, healthy and sustainable food system in Ukraine.

September 29, 2023

Smallholder farmers in UKraine

What does War in Ukraine Mean for Smallholder Farming?

The war demonstrated that smallholders can better adapt and survive in extreme conditions by relying on short food chains, alternative farm inputs, mutual help and reciprocity.

November 29, 2022

Ukraine cabbage farmer

Food Security versus Sustainability in Europe during the war in Ukraine

The debates on food security versus sustainability in the context of the war in Ukraine have revitalised a longstanding debate on “who will feed the world”.

July 13, 2022

Right-wing populist faces

Understanding, Resisting and Building Alternatives to Right-Wing Politics in the Countryside

Thus, what has to be done? Since the cause of right-wing populism is the failure of neoliberalism, cosmetic changes will not have a long-lasting effect, we need to rethink the entire system. We need to put food producers – not multinational corporations and supermarket chains – at the centre of the European food system and decision making.

March 13, 2020