Mike Small

Mike Small is a freelance writer, journalist, author and publisher. He has written for the Guardian, Sunday Herald, Sunday National, Open Democracy, Variant, Lobster and Z Magazine. He is currently working on two books, one on the ideas of Patrick Geddes and one on the recent history of Scotland. He has edited Bella Caledonia since 2007.


Why was the Blackout Used to Attack Renewables? Because Some Media Still Have an Anti-Climate Action Agenda

England recently experienced its most severe blackout in more than a decade, leading to a cacophony of calls from the usual suspects to scrap windfarms and abandon plans to turn the country’s electricity supply from brown to green.

August 22, 2019


Scotland’s Degrowth Commission

The Degrowth Commission invites you to re-imagine how our economy should work in a survivable zero-carbon future.It is part of  Enough! which is a new experimental project responding to the climate crisis. We will be hosting large-scale participatory events to develop these ideas.

June 6, 2019