Matteo Matta

Matteo Metta is CAP Policy Analyst at ARC2020. He is specialised in agriculture, food, and rural development policy and evaluation. Matteo is a researcher on the digitalisation and its impacts on agriculture, forestry, and rural areas.

Czech CAP Strategic Plan – Redistributive Payments and the Counter-Productive Tension Between Small and Big

This big vs small debate needs to be sorted out with a more detailed, targeted lens that does justice to the small-medium active farmers, individual or aggregated together in larger organisations.

February 7, 2023

early morning on the Hashimoto farm

Agroecology, Diversification and Digitalisation on Hashimoto Family Farm

While Japan continues to drive the high-tech smartification of agriculture, what is the role of digitalisation for a diversified, agroecological family farm in a rural part of Hyogo Prefecture?

December 6, 2022

La Finca Del Medio

Letter From The Farm | Learning from a Campesino Family in Cuba

Welcome to La Finca del Medio, a 13.42-hectare family farm located in central Cuba, which is championing food sovereignty in the agroecological way.

July 22, 2022