Laurie King

Laurie King is a freelance writer with a specific interest in sustainable food, Indigenous peoples’ rights and the natural world.

Shetland food security

Chain Reaction

Shetland is a remote, beautiful and windswept place with a strong community spirit. However, despite its thriving local food scene, it is still inextricably tied up in the same fragile economic system, with similar challenges to the rest of the world.

July 30, 2020

Olive oil

The Supply Chain of Fats: Olive Oil

Olive oil may well have been recommended for health reasons – it is a monosaturated fat and, in its cold-pressed extra virgin form, can help lower risk of a heart attack, stroke and heart disease – but what about the supply chain and the economies in the countries it is affecting? A critical look at the supply chain will help to answer these important questions.

August 20, 2018