Laurie Cone

After three life/career stages of working as an environmental chemist, staying home with her two boys, then teaching high school for essentially 10 years each, Laurie Cone quit her job, sold her house and moved to an intentional community in central North Carolina to homestead with her octogenarian mom, and to try and live like we have just one planet. Her community-building and soil-building activist life also includes camping, dancing, singing harmony, baking, traveling by train, and good conversation. She’s been traveling to Cuba most years since 2004, and is happy to have recently reconnected with her community there after a three-year pandemic pause. She has bachelor’s degrees in Chemistry and German, and a master’s degree in Environmental Science and Engineering.


Seeing More Clearly

How have we tolerated the dissonance between our comfortable lifestyles and the deadly costs trailing along behind them?

May 22, 2023

powering down

Building a New Order of Things

In my mind what must undergird any energy transition is the building of a new way of being that is made possible by a much lower-consumption world coupled with living more communally.

November 18, 2022

Community garden

Step by Step – Can We Make New Decisions?

As we all know, shifting away from the dominant culture of consumption can be overwhelming. Our brains are wired to stick to habits with which we’re familiar. Our friends and family have expectations of us being a certain way. But it’s clear that we need to make big changes.

January 2, 2020

Owl in garden

How Then Shall We Live?

This will be a transition that could lead to a world that is increasingly more just and less desecrated, but we will be doing hard things that we’ve never done. Surprising allies may appear.
We may or may not see the fruit of our work. But we’re here now, capable of doing our part, and the world and her inhabitants are still full of beauty and wonder, and there’s no time to waste.

September 19, 2019