Jared Spears

Jared Spears is the Director of Communications and Resources at the Schumacher Center for a New Economics. As a writer and communications strategist interested in cultural and economic transformation, Jared is committed to work which advances collective solutions to the climate and ecological crisis. Having joined the organization in 2021, Jared brings a keen academic interest in the alternative intellectual and cultural history which the library embodies. As the marketing director of the BerkShares local currency program, Jared designs and implements strategies to promote BerkShares as a tool for local economic development in the region.

Jared’s writing on culture, labor and ecology have appeared with It’s Freezing in LA!, Public Seminar, Futures of WorkThe World Transformed and Yes! magazine, among others. He earned his M.A. in Cultural and Critical Studies from the University of Westminster in London in 2020. Prior to joining the Schumacher Center, Jared has worked in several small design and communications firms in New York City.
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Degrowth Gains Ground

The Future Is Degrowth invites us to envision a much deeper societal transition than simply swapping energy sources to maintain the status quo.

August 26, 2022

Sims Hill CSA

The Radical Roots of Community Supported Agriculture

At the most human level, reconnecting people around the growing of their own food may prove to be among our most effective means of healing our widespread sense of disconnection from nature and community.

July 22, 2022