Angela Raffle

Angela Raffle, Consultant in Public Health and Chair of The Community Farm.

Defiant about good food

Time to get defiant: Improving our collective food awareness

Good food for everyone is a matter of social justice and if you’re not angry about the current inequalities then maybe you should be.

December 9, 2020


“You have to join health and sustainability”

Health is an outcome really, and everything that the Transition movement is doing is good for health because it’s about clean water, clean air, good food, safety, security, connection with nature and towns that are liveable.

May 20, 2014

Oil, health, and health care

The April 2010 oil leak in the Mexican Gulf illustrates the risks being taken to extract oil from inaccessible fields, and in June a Lloyd’s 360° risk insight report said, “we have entered a period of deep uncertainty in how we will source energy for power, heat and mobility and how much we will pay for it.” The reason why such damaging extraction methods are pursued, and why Lloyd’s are telling us we face a “new energy paradigm” rather than normal market volatility, is that oil discoveries peaked 40 years ago, and oil supply is probably at its maximum, with decline soon to follow. This has substantial implications for transport, food, jobs, health, and health care.


September 6, 2010

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