Diana Stuart

Diana Stuart is an Associate Professor in the Sustainable Communities Program and in the School of Earth and Sustainability at Northern Arizona University. Her work focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation, agriculture, conservation, animals studies, political economy and social theory.

Sydney climate strike

Corporate Climate Commitments: Who Should Lead Climate Action?

There are more possibilities than a marginally less-bad business-as-usual future.  Effectively and justly achieving deep emissions cuts requires fundamentally changing the system, not merely modifying it or slapping its beneficiaries’ wrists.  Real change requires state programs and regulations as well as trying out new forms of ownership and governance.

November 8, 2019

Extinction Rebellion march

Toward Climate-Catalyzed Social Transformation?

While we recognize the powerful forces of social reproduction that stymie progressive change and make addressing climate change in time highly unlikely, a trajectory for social transformation has begun and we must stand up together to demand change.

May 14, 2019