Diana Negrin

Diana Negrín is a geographer, writer and professor who works between Mexico and the US. Negrín’s multidisciplinary work focuses on the intersection of social justice, ecology, arts and culture. Negrín helps run the Wixarika Research Center, a non-profit dedicated to supporting Wixarika autonomy and preserving their art and culture. Follow her at @geo.grafiando and @diana_negrin.


Planting Agroecology in the Sacred Desert of Wirikuta

All had come to Las Margaritas to attend a free intensive agroecology workshop led by Gerardo Ruiz Smith, a Mexican regenerative agriculture expert, and coordinated by the Wixarika Research Center as the first stone of a long-term project that seeks to restore and regenerate the desert in what many have come to call the “botanical garden” of Wirikuta.

January 19, 2022