Chris Giotitsas

Chris Giotitsas is a Research Fellow at TalTech and a core member of the P2P Lab.

Game of Thrones map

Why ‘Game of Thrones’ was about Ecomodernism

Game of Thrones was arguably about climate change, but the HBO series turned this narrative around by presenting a last-minute technological solution as magically saving the day, the planet, and existence. 

July 11, 2019

A New Model of Production for a New Economy

The potential for DG-ML is to liberate the human heritage of knowledge and design, so that communities and people anywhere have the full array of technologies and capabilities to address their living economic and ecological challenges. If we want to accelerate the human capability to enact sustainable development strategies across the world, the right to global designs and concrete support for building local livelihoods are fundamental pillars.

September 6, 2017