XR protest in London

Extinction Rebellion is showing Britain what real democracy could look like

By George Monbiot, The Guardian blog

The protest movement’s call for meaningful participation highlights the failings of dysfunctional Westminster politics It’s good entertainment, but that’s all it is. Seeing Boris Johnson ritually dismembered in parliament might make us feel better, but nothing changes. He still has an 80-seat majority, though less than 30% of the electorate voted for the Conservatives. We are reduced, for five long years, to spectators. Our system allows the victorious government a mandate to do what it likes between elections, without further reference to the people. As we have seen, this can include breaking international law, suspending parliament, curtailing the judiciary, politicising the civil service, attacking the Electoral Commission and invoking royal prerogative powers to make policy without anyone’s consent. This is not democracy, but a parody of democracy. The problem, in other words, is not just Johnson. The problem is the UK’s political system, which presents an open invitation for autocratic behaviour. In the past, people warned that a...


The Brotherhood of the Buffalo

By Talli Nauman, Esperanza Project

RAPID CITY, South Dakota — When Native American Natural Foods launched Tanka Bars and Tanka Bites in 2007 it had a mission:  “To heal the people and our Mother Earth by building a company that innovates real food products based on the traditional values of Native American respect for all living things by living in balance with mind, body and spirit.” Native American Natural Foods co-founder Karlene Hunter was one of the keynote speakers invited to address the first Annual Lakota Food Summit to address the touted trend toward tribal economic development through food sovereignty. The Oglala Lakota social entrepreneur from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation had a tale of hope to tell. Her struggling majority-Indian-owned business, which invented the first bison-and-berry snack bars in the United States, has a new partner to help native producers compete in the marketplace. Her reservation-based company has joined with Niman Ranch, a Purdue...