radical realism

Radical Realism

By Otto Scharmer, Medium.com

Dear Friends, as we enter the new year, I would like to take a moment to reflect on 2021 and to set the intention for 2022. What did we learn in 2021? Three things stand out for me. Humility. Whatever we thought or predicted would happen in 2021 probably changed multiple times over the course of the year. Starting with the attack on the US Capitol on January 6, the accelerated impact of climate change, not to mention Delta and Omicron, time and again we saw that reality keeps changing around us. Our established concepts and ways of knowing need to soften and make way for what Prof. Edgar Schein calls “humble inquiry.” Reflexivity. Reflecting on how societies respond to these challenges has made me aware how often we look for the source of the problems we face outside of ourselves rather than inside- inside our own country’s boundaries or inside ourselves....

mixed farming

Regenerative Futures: Redesigning the human impact on Earth

By Daniel Christian Wahl, Medium.com

RSA Bicentenary Medal 2021 Award Address, 07.12.2021 Good evening everyone and thank you so much for choosing to celebrate this award with me today. I am deeply grateful to the RSA for creating the Regenerative Futures programme. It is a powerful invitation to the global fellowship of cultural creatives — who are united by this over 260 year old institution — to take time to consider regenerative development and design and its significance to all our future. More importantly it invites culturally creative discourse, creativity and experimentations with pathways that may bring about such a future. Personally, I am deeply touched and humbled by the honour of being awarded the RSA’s Bicentenary Medal 2021. Thank you! Acknowledgment from established institutions is rare for the many people around the world who are already finding purpose and deep meaning in reconnecting to life’s regenerative impulse. This award is for the many generations before us...