Russian invasion of Ukraine protest march

‘A flame was lit in our hearts’ — How Ukrainians are building online networks for resistance and mutual aid

By Eleftheria Kousta, Waging Nonviolence

This article was originally published on Waging Nonviolence. As the world watched Russia invade Ukraine this winter, many no doubt wondered what they would do if it was their friends and family under attack. Sitting behind a screen, as so many of us are most of the day, it can be hard to imagine the options at our fingertips. But many Ukrainians facing the brutal realities of war — both within the country and in other parts of the world — found themselves forced into action, some with little more than the drive to help and an internet connection. From posting on Instagram to organizing via Telegram to offering rides and shelter, these people are finding creative ways to resist and fight for their future. One such person is Yuliya, a Ph.D. candidate at the Max Planck School of Cognition, who has been living in Germany for the past six years....

United States Capitol

Can Transformative Change Come to America?

By Gus Speth, Common Dreams

Perhaps sooner than most think, major legislative action regulating greenhouse gas emissions will finally be possible. But that moment will not arrive without deep struggle, organizing, and collective persistence. Readers of Common Dreams will appreciate that the U.S. ship of state is in perilous waters. America's interlinked economic and political systems—our political economy—is failing us across a broad front and has been doing so for a long time. Problems fester, and America finds itself at or near the bottom of the OECD countries and below many others when it comes to attainment in public health, well-being of children, democratic performance, gender equality, environment and climate, poverty reduction, personal safety, social justice and cohesion, and even equal opportunity. Meanwhile, America's political polarization and hyper-partisanship have effectively paralyzed Washington and halted national progress across this huge swath of concerns. To many, America now seems in steady decline. The Need for Transformative Change As a...