I am writing to you with a heavy heart. As Santa Claus it is my duty, come late December, to spread the loving cheer of “Spirit” around the globe. Spirit is what gives me life and a meaning for existence. Year after year, no matter what state of health humans are experiencing on the planet, I climb aboard my sleigh, bound and determined to “give” a gift to all life forms out there who know that “Spirit,” in it’s essential form, is innocent and pure, and is designed, in it’s nature, to be a “nourishing” form of energy that supports and heals ALL life, rather than an energy that is self-serving and destructive.

Some years it’s difficult to get on board and command my reindeer to circumvent this blue green planet when so much selfishness, greed and denial saturates the atmosphere. But somehow, through it all, the Spirit is able to move me to accomplish and fulfill the Cosmic Goal that this particular holiday represents. However, an event so massive in its enormity, and affecting all life forms on the planet, is taking place as I write this note to you, and I am concerned that this may be my last trip out. I am sorry to bring you this discouraging news, but I have no choice. Hopefully, you are one of the few that has what it takes to help turn this downward spiral, in the collapse of our environment and society, around. Unfortunately, very few have the clarity, skills and fortitude to overcome the binding influence of the phenomenal world we live in.

I am calling on you to rally around my desperate plea by making a concerted effort to change your own life-style, in some cases dramatically, by creating a counter offensive against the almost insurmountable odds of the overwhelmingly contagious diseases created by selfishness, denial and greed, presently running rampant, that have affected and infected almost all humans, especially in the United States.

Because of the destructive effects of “Global Warming,” our operations on the North Pole will have to come to an end. The foundation for our sustainable toy factory facility, literally, is melting out from underneath us at a rate that is unprecedented. Even though this area (the North Pole), to most humans, looks uninhabitable, the magical Spirit that allows me to perform what would appear to be supernormal acts, is really quite normal if one is able to understand and acknowledge ones “relationship” with the “elements.” For me, it is normal to fly on my sled. It is also normal for me, with the help of a devoted wife and elves, to annually produce millions of “gifts” for humans. To the outsider, it is unbelievable, and yet ironically, most nonbelievers “pretend” to go along with the spirit of Christmas, buying more and traveling deeper into debt. They take advantage of the concept behind Christmas and use it as an excuse to plunder and devour limited resources so they can satisfy their insatiable need for “seemingly” having “more” of “nothing.” Simultaneously, the environment around them continues to lose its ability to sustain itself and its inhabitants (many species/life forms are going extinct every day on the planet).

Note: One might think that we could utilize the magical Spirit that sustains my activities on the North Pole to stop the ice from melting. However, that “Spirit” is sustained by the collective consciousness of all the humans on planet. When that consciousness (or lack of) dips below a certain level, the vitality of Spirit loses its effectiveness and we begin to find ourselves at the mercy of the dark elements of chaos. We are in a critical time now because we have just dipped below that level!

As I write this note to you, RIGHT IN MY OWN BACKYARD, my dear friends the Polar Bears are “drowning” from lack of habitat. That’s right! As the ice melts, because of the Greenhouse effect, they try to migrate to other homes, or for purposes of obtaining food, and die drowning after swimming, sometimes hundreds of miles, out at sea. This tragic event is a microcosm of what is taking place, in a multitude of different manifestations, on a grand scale EVERYWHERE on this ailing orb, spinning through the cosmos. Even most “alternative” types, and that may include you, believe that living sustainably, first means being able to sustain oneself financially. It’s totally backwards thinking and functioning for the 21st Century. It’s what got us into this mess in the first place.

Everywhere I look I see that our environment has become “man-made.” The forests, the oceans, the atmosphere all directly reflect your inability to understand your inner-connectedness with that which, for thousands of years, sustained you and your ancestors. In addition, most of you pollute your bodies with genetically modified foods…how can you think your thought processes and decision making facilities are not altered by these poisons?

I plead to you, while there is still hope, you must put the environment FIRST and your personal desires for material wealth, lower on “the list.” One does not have to live in poverty when putting the Environment first. Don’t believe the overwhelming propaganda that would lead you to believe differently. It’s trash talk controlled and manipulated by the Dark side! Besides, how many toys do you need?

I will make my flight, come the 24th, if there is still enough measurable Spirit to keep me up. But if YOU don’t start to help by living “sustainably,” and that partially means: utilizing resources with great resourcefulness, i.e. driving less and traveling shorter distances, changing your unsustainable habits at their core, “consciously” putting the well being of the environment (locally/globally) FIRST, in all your activities, then this will be my last trip. When I am gone, so goes the Spirit that inspires and nourishes. The innocence and purity inside you will disappear. You will be left feeling empty and aimless, and I know what I say about you because I am Santa Claus!

Moreover, the present commitment towards restoring the environments health is inadequate because there is NO commitment. How long will you wait before you do something, anything? At this rate, as a species, we too are heading towards extinction, unless we all, at every moment, I repeat, EVERY MOMENT, dig deep, individually and collectively. Everyone must take on the role of “caretaker” and “steward” of the environment. If you don’t know what that means, start doing some research, NOW! Anything else, other than working towards improving the quality of the environment while living sustainably, is a waste of time. Besides, what do you think your purpose is, as a human being, anyway? To continue satisfying your senses as the world spins out of control?

It is against my nature, as Santa, to use these harsh words, but dramatic times call for dramatic action and I’m in a “kick butt mood!” Either “you are with me or you are against me.” Time to wake up.

We are on the verge of a Cultural and Environmental Revolution greater than any in the history of humankind. The Environment is a reflection of you! Your rally cry, my friend: “I am That, thou art That, and all this is That!”

Sincerely and Lovingly,
Mr. and Mrs. S. Claus