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Food & Water

Food: Trading Away our Future? Part IV

Today, linking farmers to markets is an overarching policy for almost all development agencies as well as governments.

Book Review: The Scoop On Poop

Dan Chiras: "The most affluent have become the most effluent." Dr. Pooper: "You humans have big brains, but you've got even bigger …

The Chicago Honey Co-op Works with a Hive Mind

Bees are essential to food production. In response to the massive, global colony collapse problem, myriad urban beekeeping organizations have cropped up …

From Livelihoods to Deadlihoods

In India, economic development and modernity have transformed livelihoods into deadlihoods, wiping out millennia-old livelihoods that were ways of life with …

I Trust Cows More than I Trust Chemists

How is it in this country we are so willing to look at technology and say that it will solve all of our problems?

The Breakdown of Nations

I suppose I have no option but to write about Brexit, adding my own small voice to the torrent of verbiage that’s already been devoted to the current extraordinary events.

These Entrepeneurs are Using Technology to Turn a Profit on Food Waste

Take a look at what some creative businesses are doing to turn trash into treasure.

Water Scarcity, Public Protest Slow Foreign Farmland Purchases

This month, in a new report, GRAIN found that investment in foreign land holdings, purchases that the group calls “land grabs,” remains …

A New Chapter of Agricultural Practice

Although to a degree the soil remains and perhaps always will be a dark and mysterious world – the phrase from the hymn comes to mind “in light …

Looking for Food in All the Wrong Places

Thus far, the government of Mozambique has dutifully reformed its seed laws to conform, creating obstacles to the kinds of real solutions – to hunger, …

Christopher Alexander’s Challenge meets Darren J. Doherty’s Design Process

This post continues and deepens an inquiry into two contrasting understandings of design process.
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