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In CSA Twist, Aquaponics Grow Op Offers Subscribers Microgreens Live on a Tray

A new kind of CSA in Oregon is bringing aquaponics to its subscription program. Perhaps a unique business idea for an adventurous yardfarmer?

Of Pigs, Peasants, and Pastoralists

I think what this analysis shows is that, unlike extensive pastoralism, intensive, ‘organic’/ agroecological, local ‘peasant’ …

Permaculture, Climate and Survival 2  

This is the second program from International Permaculture Convergence, in London.

Genetically engineered salmon: What could possibly go wrong?

As U.S. regulators cleared genetically engineered salmon for sale in the United States last week, they opened the door to what many scientists already feel is inevitable: The escape and …

The Whispering World of Plants: "The Wood Wide Web"

The notion that plants can "talk" to one another was, until relatively recently, dismissed as fantasy, but the reality of inter-plant …

After Decades in a Food Desert, These Neighbors Are Building a $2 Million Co-op—And They Own It

As their dream becomes a reality, organizers hope the RCC and the community of northeast Greensboro are set to become an example of what it looks like when …

Chicken Fortress, Hay Igloo

What’s a Hay Igloo? Basically it’s a large compost pile surrounded by hay bales and covered with a tarp.

Seed Guardians

The inclusive, horizontal and autonomous network Red Semillas Libres Chile aims to preserve the cultural heritage that is our seed stock and to combat …

Integrity of the Flour – Respect for the Grain

Andrew Whitley hopes to see “real bread within walking distance for everybody.”

Rainwater Harvesting in São Paulo, Brazil

Residents of two very different neighbourhoods come together to learn to safely harvest, filter and store rainwater in the face of the worst drought on record.

One Lonely Little Red Clover Plant

Red clover is resilient if it is anything.
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