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Food & Water

Redefining Local

What does “local” mean when you live on a remote farm or ranch?

Local Food is Not a Local Food System

Many people are now familiar with the phrase “farm-to-fork” but most of us haven’t a clue about all the steps in between.

The Final Word on Food Banks?

Every week, in Britain and across the world, new food banks are opening their doors.

Joy Carey explains Bristol's progressive food culture

Bristol is the first UK city to have its own Food Policy Council. Joy Carey gives us some background on Bristol’s progressive food culture and the …

IYFF:Muckleshoot Food Sovereignty Initiative promotes community-based tribal food system development

The Muckleshoot Tribe, along with a number of other Puget Sound tribes in Washington, have established a Food Sovereignty Project that has launched about 50 …

Paying for our cheap food choices

‘How can anyone say that food is too cheap when food prices are actually going up?’

A Dry Year for Honey

When you think about the necessity of water in agriculture, fruit trees, row crops, and cattle probably come to mind, but you might not think about bees.

The impact we're having: Stephanie Hofielen of From the Ground Up

Dissatisfied with the limited variety, variable quality and high cost of fresh organic food from our conventional sources, Transition Town Kingston took action.

Cultivating an ecological farmer/citizen

When making the decision to be a pioneer in this different way of doing agriculture “…there is no way to know if one is called or deluded. The …

A School Trip to...Tesco

My four year old daughter recently arrived home carrying a paper Tesco bag.

Pay it local

A small amount of cash spent at the farmers market or local food store might make a huge difference to the vendors there. You never know what kind of …
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