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Review: Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist

It’s remarkable how much information this slim paperback carries. It doesn’t try to teach all the basics of gardening and landscaping, but instead focuses on several projects...

These Two People Want to Change the World Through Cooking and Food Choices

When Adam Aronovitz and Alissa Bilfield set out to travel the world and serve others, they could not find a volunteer opportunity that fit their need.

Shashe farmers demonstrate practical food sovereignty

Food sovereignty as a concept is under debate by various actors in the academia, activists and governments.

The Archaic Arts and Skills

There are still niches for the archaic arts. And it is our job to help preserve them, to help them endure through the cacophony and clutter of the modern world.

Oxford Real Farming Conference: power, lies, and the need for agrarian resistance

The world’s global strategy of food and farming is founded on three great untruths – lies, in effect -- which between them are threatening to …

Strips of Native Prairie Protect Farm Soil

A new conservation practice reduces cropland erosion to sustainable levels even on moderately sloping land: contoured strips within corn and bean fields, …

Seeding change

73% of seed crops are now ‘owned’ by 10 corporations – while community and grassroots initiatives are working to keep global diversity alive.

Mother Nature's Tillers

Been thinking how to grow a prairie. I am facing a steep learning curve.

Inspiring New Film, “Voices of Transition,” on the Agriculture That We Need

How will agriculture have to change if we are going to successfully navigate past Peak Oil and address climate change?

Carrots among the concrete: the role of urban agriculture

Urban agriculture is cutting edge. It’s what we need right now.

New England Can Feed Itself. Here’s How.

A new vision for New England's food.
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