Building a world of
resilient communities.

Atamai Village

Atamai Village is a resilient community, based on a traditional village pattern enhanced with permaculture principles, designed to deal with the impacts of climate change, energy descent and the economic and social challenges that are likely to follow. More details at
To live well as the global drivers of change become ever more apparent requires a different form of human settlement. Traditional village designs are the most enduring and sustainable forms of settlement across centuries and across cultures. Atamai Village is recreating such a settlement that will provide an enduring community for at least 200 people. Villagers live in privately owned homes, and enjoy the benefits of a large Common area jointly managed to enhance physical and social resilience. The Commons includes a community orchard, ponds for irrigation and recreation, community gardens, a farm operation, sustainable forestry, and cycle paths to link different parts of the village.
Nine families are now on site; the first new home built to Atamai Building Guidelines is in place, and other homes are under construction. The passive solar building designs means operating costs are miniscule. Local control of essential services such as food, water, energy and shelter is a key part of the overall design. We use a "layered technology" approach to ensure these essential services can be managed and maintained within the village, while continuing to enjoy the more sophisticated (and vulnerable) technologies still available.
As in all villages, livelihoods are largely local and serve village needs. Several livelihoods have been created to date and more are available for those with the skills and interest. Interested parties may contact us at:


Motueka, South Island, New Zealand 7196