Jack Santa Barbara

Jack is a retired academic, entrepreneur and philanthropist involved with sustainability issues for many decades.

Blue marble

Herman Daly: An economist for eco-social activists

A new book explains how an economist, in challenging the orthodoxy, has helped activists change the world.

July 19, 2022


Atamai Village: An Experiment in Resilient Community

Post Carbon Institute’s Associate Director Ken White recently visited Atamai Village, an evolving resilient community outside of Motueka, near the top of NZ’s South Island.

November 25, 2014

Will New Zealand be the first developed country to evolve a steady-state economy?

New Zealand will inevitably make a transition to a steady-state economy. The onset of energy descent — having less and less energy to use with each passing decade — will push it to do so sooner rather than later. The critical question is whether the transition to a steady-state economy will be by design or disaster.

January 13, 2012

Book review: Right Relationship Building a Whole Earth Economy

“Right Relationship” is a book for the worrying-about-collapse weary. It is a book for those of us who realize the world we live in is in great peril and that something fundamental has to change to ensure the human story continues and flourishes. The book arises from a Quaker tradition which has had remarkable successes in the past – the abolition of slavery being only one noteworthy example.

May 18, 2009

Review: Mark Jaccard’s Sustainable Fossil Fuels

His “endurance” criterion is flawed in that it focuses on endurance of the energy system, not ecosystems. “…clean energy – whether relying on fossil fuels or some other option – does not ensure a sustainable human presence on earth…”

January 10, 2007

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