Building a world of
resilient communities.

Changing the rules of the game to help build new local economies

The World Bank, IMF, local and national government etc. already set the rules of the game. These rules have mostly been rigged in favour of globalised corporations.

The "Icelandic Revolution" through the eyes of a Reconomist

What is really going on Iceland? Have they been jailing bankers, creating unprecedented press freedoms and crowd sourcing their new constitution?

The amazing story of community currencies in Brazil: Interview

When I heard a rumour that there were as many as 300 community currencies functioning, or being set up in Brazil, I just had to know more.

The unstoppable rise of the collaborative economy

My work at the REconomy Project has inspired me to believe that a credible alternative to our current system is now emerging at an incredible rate.

Collaboration and co-operation: Sleeping giants of economic shift change

We are caught between an old system that no longer works and a new one that is trying to emerge. In recent times more and more people have grappled with articulating, what they see as the new economic model, with increasing confidence and detail. I believe that the ‘three C’s’ (the change-maker, cooperative and collaborative movements) now offer a credible alternative to …

A true economics (book excerpt)

The central thesis of my book The Possibility of Progress is that progressive social change requires not only the internalization of universal moral principles by many people, but also that they behave in accordance with those principles, and find the collective strength to overcome the many obstacles to change. Thus far, too few people have succeeded in this difficult task; and those that …