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Why the closure of BP’s Brisbane Bulwer refinery reduces Australia’s energy security

This post shows statistical evidence that BP, like all other International Oil Companies, is in full peak oil mode.

World crude production 2013 without shale oil is back to 2005 levels

Unnoticed by the mainstream media, US shale oil covers up a recent decline of crude oil production of 1.5 mb/d in the rest of world (using data up to Oct 2013).

How do ex-Saudi Aramco geologist Dr Husseini's oil price spike predictions of USD 140 by 2016-17 stack up?

In an interview with ASPO USA in January 2014 Ex-Saudi Aramco geologist Dr. Sadad-Al-Husseini predicted oil price spikes of $140 by 2016/17. This post shows some graphs explaining why this could happen.

The end of airlines predicted by no other than former Qantas CEO Geoff Dixon in July 2008

Tony Abbott says it's the carbon tax that's hitting Qantas. This article tells it differently.

Jean Laherrere uses Hubbert linearization to estimate Bakken shale oil peak in 2014

In his latest research on shale oil French oil geologist Jean Laherrere from ASPO France estimates a Bakken shale oil peak in 2014.

End of the Road: How Australia's auto industry ignored peak oil

This post will show how ignoring early peak oil warnings by Irish oil geologist Colin Campbell led to mis-investments in the Australian car industry.

US will always remain a crude oil importer

US shale oil has so far replaced 2 mb/d of its crude oil imports which peaked at around 10 mb/d in 2005. If this effort can be doubled the US would still need to import around 6 mb/d.

US shale oil hides crude oil peak in rest of world

 Recent US shale oil growth sits on top of a bumpy production plateau of the rest-of-the-world (ROW).

Chevron’s oil production, sales decline 5 %

Australia will have to pay high prices if it wants to attract these imports against declining sales trends in international markets.

Doubling of Iraqi oil production by 2020?

Those who expect a doubling of Iraqi oil production to 6 mb/d by 2020 should pray for enduring peace and social justice in this war-torn country.