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U.S. Storage Filling Up with Unaccounted-For Oil

In a joint post Art Berman and Matt Mushalik analyzed US crude oil inventories as reported by the EIA.

Oil reserves and resources as function of oil price

Motorists enjoy lower prices at the pump. How long will that continue?

US shale oil peak in 2015

The latest EIA drilling productivity report (11th April 2016)  shows US shale oil production continuing to decline in Bakken, Eagle Ford and Niobrara while the Permian has flattened out.

Peak oil in the South China Sea (part 1)

The recent deployment of missile launchers and jet fighters on Woody Island of the Paracel islands have put the spotlight on the South China Sea (SCS).

World Outside US and Canada Doesn’t Produce more Crude Oil than in 2005

After a delay of several months the US Energy Information Administration has published the latest international energy statistics for October 2015

IEA in Davos 2016 Warns of Higher Oil Prices in a Few Years’ Time

This recent forum was about how to transition away from fossil fuels, after the UN conference on climate change in Paris in November 2015.

The Myth of US Self-sufficiency in Crude Oil

Contrary to general belief, and mis-information by the media the US is far away from being “energy independent” in terms of crude oil imports.

No Glut in Australian Petroleum Inventories

The Australian Capital’s daily newspaper Canberra Times started the New Year by reprinting an article of the Daily Telegraph referring to an abundance of oil – without checking whether this also applies to Australia...

Where Actually is that Much-hyped Global Oil Glut?

The media is full with news that there is a global oil glut.

Egypt Budget and Current Account Deficits – can Saudi Arabia Bail Out Cairo?

Declining and now stagnating oil production against an ever-growing oil demand of a ballooning population meant that Egypt is a net-oil importer since 2010. How did that impact on the budget?