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Export Stupidity

If the US could supply Europe with large amounts of fuel, that would reduce the Continent’s dependency on Russia while depriving Putin of needed revenues.  

The Oil 'Revolution' Story Is Dead Wrong

You are about to hear one of the most important and most lucid deconstructions of the false promise of American energy independence.

The Purposely Confusing World of Energy Politics

Today it is especially difficult for most people to understand our perilous global energy situation, precisely because it has never been more important to do so. Got that? No? Okay, let me explain.

TPP: Poison for Community Resilience

Want to label GM foods? Sorry, that’s a barrier to trade. Want local schools to buy healthy food from local farmers? Nope, that might violate the rights of Big Ag. Want to protect a forest? Stand aside, you’re in the way of profits.

Shale gas, peak oil and our future

De Wereld Morgen asks Richard Heinberg about the prospects for fracking in Europe.

Political Analysis – Energy: Overdevelopment and the Delusion of Endless Growth

 Richard Heinberg discusses the impact energy development on the environment along with ideas for transforming the energy narrative.

SPECIAL BRIEFING: Attacking Fracking's Achilles Heel -- Economics

Join us for a special online briefing and conversation with Richard Heinberg and Deborah Rogers to explore how the anti-fracking community can turn the fracking industry's biggest weapon into their greatest vulnerability.

Richard Heinberg: Puerto Rico in a world in transition

Richard Heinberg presenting at Universidad Metropolitana (UMET) Puerto Rico.

Preface to the Romanian edition of Snake Oil

Europe’s desire to get in on the fracking game is understandable, given the hype still emanating from America.

Post Carbon Institute: The Next 10 Years

Where do we go from here? That depends on what’s needed and what’s possible. If we could increase our capacity, here are just a few of the things we might do