Building a world of
resilient communities.

What We as a People Can Do

Clearly, individuals, households, communities, and nongovernmental organizations cannot merely stand by and hope that political leaders somehow find the wherewithal at the last moment (if it is not already too late) to halt our descent into climate chaos.

Lessons Along the Path to 100 Percent Clean Energy

In early May of this year, Portugal ran on renewable electricity alone for four consecutive days.

In Conversation: Consumerism After Fossil Fuels

 What will consumerism be like in a post fossil fuels future?

For Better or For Worse

You want a nice green world full of solar panels and wind machines? So do I, but as we are about to find out, that isn’t going to be easy, if it’s possible at all.

Energy and Justice

The ability to harness energy creates wealth and confers social power.

Renewable Electricity: Falling Costs, Variability, and Scaling Challenges

The universal availability and use of electricity has come to define modern life, at least for the vast majority of North Americans and western Europeans.

Presenting Our Renewable Future

David Fridley and Richard Heinberg present on our energy future.

Tiptoeing Through the Renewable Energy Minefield

As just about everyone knows, there are gaping chasms separating the worldviews of fossil fuel promoters, nuclear power advocates, and renewable energy supporters.

Our Renewable Future: Introduction

The next few decades will see a profound and all-encompassing energy transformation throughout the world.

The Boiling Pot

On the surface, things appear normal but beneath the lid, a pot of trends is coming to a boil.